November 24, 2015

Artist of the day : KONGOS

       Ladies and Gents, today I would like to recommend you the music of this awesome band -  KONGOS. I'm sure you will become a fan of their music because their music is just epic. Are you ready?

 KONGOS is an alternative rock band from Johannesburg [South Africa] formed by four brothers: Johnny Kongos [accordion / keyboards / vocals], Jesse Kongos [drums / percussion / vocals], Daniel Kongos [guitar /vocals] and Dylan Kongos [bass guitar /lap slide guitar /vocals].
Their debut album "Kongos" was released on 2007, and the second album, "Lunatic", was released on 2012.

You can find more info about the band on their official page, official FB, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, iTunes, Spotify .

Also you can find a few words about their show in Poland in 2014 here.

        Why I chose KONGOS as the artist of the day?

     That's sad a bit, because I heard about them for the first time two years ago and I think,it was too late. Why? Because their music is just epic. You can feel that mix of rock and kwaito, feel all these great rhythms in every song played by them and that's the best.
    Probably you are thinking now "so what, this is just the next alternative rock band, and what is new this time?". Everything. They are not like the others. They are better. They are so damn good.
You have to listen to even one song by them to feel it.
    I always have a problem to find the best words to say all these reasons why I chose somebody or some music and, to be honest, this time is the same. I could write here all words, compliments, good and bad reasons why you should listen to them, but I'm pretty sure it would be too little. They just have something what makes them so perfect. Huge talent, great music? Yes, but not only. I think that the whole magic is in them, in what they are doing. 
     Believe me or not, but there's something in their music what gives you a piece of good and real music, music full of emotions, words, full of great vibrations. With soul. And that's everything what you need if you want to feel freedom and happiness.
     Sometimes you have such a feeling that the music sounds the same. Yes, something like that happens very often nowadays. But not this time. This time you have a chance to get to know something different, something good. Something epic. Every song from their albums is something so damn good from beginning to end and with every next song you want more and more. You know, it's something in their music that you want to listen to it all the time and that's just amazing.

    Songs on their albums are unique, with excellent lyrics and perfect sounds. Also I think that there's something between vocals, lyrics, music and the band who made it. Magnetism. Why do I think that this is it? Because when you're listen to any song by them, you have something like 'wow!' and 'I feel it!' in your mind.
     Think - what's better than perfect alternative rock music, all these super things of the band which I already wrote and your feelings when the song ends and you must play it again because you want more and more? Here's your answer.
      As for me, their music is something really awesome, fresh and unique, something what you can listen all day long because it gives you pure energy, happiness, freedom.
     Now, I'm waiting for more music by KONGOS, because as for me they're just excellent. Also I wish all the best to them and of course I'm keeping my fingers crossed for their future, because they are very talented and I know that they will surprise us yet.

     And you better remember the name of this band - KONGOS.
     It's your turn now. I think you should check it to judge, is it for you or not, but I'm sure that if you love, or only like, such mix of music -  there is no other way, you will like KONGOS.

     And remember, if you like any of these songs [or maybe even all of them], show them some love and share their music with your friends and/or with other people. Tell the World about this great music and about KONGOS.

      Ready or not, here we go!





Lunatic album


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November 6, 2015

Playlist : golden fog [part 2].

   November. Autumn. Grey, rainy and cold days. It's time for the next part of playlist perfect for all these dark moments.
   This time I chose some old, forgotten songs and also a few new. 28 tracks to change your mood and day.
   I hope you will have a great time listening to these songs and your Autumn will be just better.


Tom Waits : November
The Small Faces : The Autumn Stone
Lake of Tears : Forever Autumn
Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash :  Girl from the North Country
Broken Bells : October
Aerosmith - Seasons Of Wither
Frank Sinatra : September Song
Paolo Nutini : Autumn
Ed Sheeran : Autumn Leaves
Woody Herman and His Orchestra : Early Autumn
Moody Blues : Forever Autumn
Lake of Tears : So fell Autumn Rain
The Cure - Last Days of Summer
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong : Autumn in New York
Paula Cole : Autumn Leaves
Guns N' Roses : November Rain
Maxime Tessier : Wake Me Up When September Ends [Green Day cover]
The Flaming Lips : My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
The Modernaires : Autumn Serenade
Anita O'Day : Early Autumn
Van Morrison : Autumn Song
Rosemary Clooney : Tis Autumn
Frankie Carle & Nan Wright : October Twilight
Harry James Autumn Serenade
The Mamas & the Papas - California Dreamin'
Van Morrison - Moondance
Adalie : Grand Theft Autumn [Fall Out Boy cover]
Sam Tompkins - Autumn Leaves [Chris Brown cover]
Antonio Vivaldi – Autumn



music is my passion & inspiration
only music saves

October 3, 2015

Artist of the day : Noah Clouds.

     Ladies and Gents, today I would like to recommend you the music of this nice man - Noah Clouds. His music is just so great and his voice is so amazing so I'm pretty sure you will become a fan of him and his music. Are you ready to listen to his music?

Noah Clouds is a musician, singer and songwriter from York [UK]. His songs are a great piece of acoustic music [mix of folk, indie and country blues] with super sounds, lyrics and of course with a great voice.

You can find more info about him on his FB page, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, bandcamp, SoundClound.


     Why I chose Noah as today's artist of the day? For sure because of his voice and own songs. As you all know, it's always great to hear something new and something with soul and heart. Something what will stay in our minds for longer than two or three minutes. His songs have it all - from the great sounds, lyrics and talent of the musician to something between words and rhythms. The soul. Music made by him is nice, easy. Just amazing.
     When you are listening to Noah, there's something what gives you a piece of good, real music, full of emotions, words and amazing sounds, and that's really cool. Why? Because it's something special and wonderful when you are able to feel the music, every second of the song, every word.   
     Maybe an acoustic music is too simple and too easy to be great but in my opinion this kind of music is one of the best, because you can get to know the artist and his talent. And that's the fact about him - he is very talented.
     I don't know why and how, but no matter what he's singing, he's doing it always perfect and every sound, every track is just a mix of everything the best. Something epic. Something what you can love and call a real music.
     Pure perfection? Sure, because every song sung by him sounds like heaven. I think that when you will listen to the music you will exactly know how to describe him and his work. And that's why I'm pretty sure you will fall in love not only with his voice but for sure with his songs and you will find your own world in his music.
    As always I'm writing and writing only words, but it will be better if you will listen to these cool songs and then you will be able to judge, is it for you or not. If you like or love such a kind of music, an acoustic music, his work is for you and I'm sure you will say: damn, that's perfect, I love it!

    To be honest I can't wait for more music by him. I'm sure it will be something so good like previous songs and I'm sure he will surprise not only me, but the whole World with his next songs and talent. And of course I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Noah and his future.

    And remember, if you like these songs, show him some love and share his music with your friends and/or with other people. Tell the World about these awesome songs and of course about Noah.

  Now it's really your turn. Go and listen to all these amazing songs...



music is my passion & inspiration
only music saves