August 30, 2016

Album of the day: Me Before You OST.

       Who from you read book "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes or watched the movie with the same title based on this book? Or maybe you had a change to listen to this album with music from the movie? If you said "yes" on one of these question, high-five! I think you are still under the magic.

Me Before You OST [release date: June 3, 2016]

     I chose this album as today's album of the day because of a few real reasons. One of them is that songs chosen to this album as the soundtrack are perfect. They are harmonizing with scenes of the film creating something incredible.

      On the album we can find such a great names like Jack Garratt, Imagine Dragons, Jessie Ware, Ed Sheeran, The 1975, X Ambassadors... So as you see that's something big.

     In my opinion this soundtrack is epic. You can listen to this album every day and every night and you will never have enough.

     You can say: "only nine songs?!". I will say: "that's enough to feel magic of the sound".

Max Jury : Numb
HOLYCHILD : Happy With Me
X Ambassadors : Unsteady (Erich Lee Gravity Remix)
Jessie Ware : Till The End
The 1975 : The Sound
Jack Garratt : Surprise Yourself
Cloves : Don’t Forget About Me
Ed Sheeran : Photograph
Imagine Dragons : Not Today 


You can also listen to this album on my playlist on spotify here.  


music is my passion & inspiration
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July 27, 2016

Playlist: summer air.

      Summer, oh Summer, why are you so pretty and wild...?
                                     Because there is a magic in summer air!

     Be honest, there's still July, there's still summer, so why we can't be happy all the time, enjoy every minute of every day and night? When if not now? In the wintertime? Please... We need more magic!
     That's why I created a new playlist full of nice, easy and summer sounds. I think this playlist will be perfect for a long summer nights or lazy afternoons in the sun. Or better - for a rainy summer days when you are longing for the sun. I chose some slow and also some dance tracks so I think you will be able to find there something perfect for you.
    So have fun, be wild, enjoy every moment. Sing. Dance. Have an adventures. 
Be yourself. Be FREE.


Amy Winehouse : Our Day Will Come
Jess Penner : Life Is Rosy
Crystal Fighters : At Home
Bill Withers : Let It Be
Sia : Clap Your Hands [acoustic version]
Matt Nathanson : Gold In The Summertime
Colbie Caillat : Brighter Than The Sun
Cody Simpson : Summertime of our lives
King Harvest : Dancing in the Moonlight
Joe Cocker : Feelin' Alright
Kings Of Leon : Back Down South
Matt Costa : Miss Magnolia
Ingrid Michaelson : Be OK
The Ataris : The Boys of Summer
Amy Macdonald : Slow It Down
Passion Pit : Take a Walk
Empire Of The Sun : Walking On A Dream
Lana Del Rey : Summertime Sadness [Basic Tape Remix]
Florence and the Machine : You've Got the Love [acoustic version]
The Rumble Strips : Boys and Girls In Love
The Lovin' Spoonful : Summer In The City
Noah and the Whale : L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
The Kooks : Shine On
Imagine Dragons : Summer
Thin Lizzy : Dancing In The Moonlight
Sly and the Family Stone : Hot Fun in the Summertime
The Beach Boys : All Summer Long
The Dixie Cups : Iko Iko



music is my passion & inspiration
only music saves

July 4, 2016

Artist of the day: Anthony Russo.

        Ladies and Gents,
  today I would like to recommend you the music of this young and talented guy - Anthony Russo. If you didn't hear about him yet, shame on you! I'm sure you will become a fan of his music, there is no other way. Why? Because his music is simply epic. The same I can say about him.
  Are you ready to meet him and his music?

Anthony Russo is a singer, songwriter and musician from St. Louis [USA]. His music is a great mix of pop, hip hop and R&B. He has two EPs: 5 Course Meal and Undivided.
You can find more info about him on his official page, official FB, Twitter, Instagram, the artist union, iTunes, SoundCloud.

        Why I chose Anthony Russo as today's artist of the day?

     That's the most important question, as always of course. I think that the first and the most perfect answer will be: because! Because of his music. Because of his voice. Because there's something in his music that you want to listen to it all the time. Because every song is a great piece of perfect music. Because his music is something new, something fresh, even epic. Because of his huge talent [I think this "because" should be the first reason ]. Because he is so damn good in everything what he is doing. Because of all that I think that's the reason why he deserve to be our "Artist of the day". That's a fact.
    As you all know, it's always great to hear something new and something with soul and heart. I love  to write about little-known artists and music who made something valuable, not another "radio empty song". And that's why I'm writing all these words, because I want to recommend you another excellent little-known [yet] artist and I'm sure you will like Anthony Russo and his music.
   Great beats, awesome lyrics, perfect performing. His songs have it all. His music has and soul and heart and all these emotions you want to feel. They are just amazing and hypnotizing. Maybe this is the reason of this perfection. Who knows...
  When you are listening to his music there's something what gives you a piece of something good and real and you are able to feel the music - every second of the song, every word. And you know what? That's really great. Because whats more better or more beautiful than pure joy from the music you are listening? Nothing. Really nothing.
     Pure perfection? Probably yes. But please, don't be surprised - his music sounds really remarkable. And I think that when you will listen to these songs you will exactly know how to describe him and his music. And that's why I'm pretty sure you will fall in some-kind-of-love with his songs and you will find your own world in his music. In my opinion that's really cool.

     To be honest I can't wait for more music by Anthony. I'm sure it will be something so good like previous songs and I'm sure he will surprise not only me, but the whole World with his next songs and huge talent. And of course I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Anthony and his future.
 Quick note: If you didn't know his earlier - better remember the name: Anthony Russo. If you knew Anthony earlier - high five! - you're awesome!

    And remember, if you like these songs, show him some love and share his music with your friends and/or with other people. Tell the World about these awesome songs and of course about Anthony Russo.

Now it's your turn. Go and listen to his great music...



music is my passion & inspiration
only music saves