September 16, 2014

Ania Rusowicz in Poznań.

     Ania Rusowicz played a great show on last Saturday, September 13 at Blue Note Jazz Club in Poznań.
     At the beginning she announced that this show will be something really super because of music - mix of psychedelic rock and big beat [beat music]. And it was a truth. There were a songs from her first album "Mój Big-Bit" / "My big beat" - songs sound like from 60s, and also from her last album "Genesis".
     The show started at 9PM and ended 10:30PM so as you can see there were nothing but pure music, great energy and fun.
     I think that people who came there didn't regret it, because Ania gave something more than only music or great power, but also she gave hope that the real music is still alive. And that's the best.
     What else? Right. Visualisations at the scene were such a great idea which made this show just epic. You could saw Ania's music videos or special videos/photos which made every song special and unique. They just complemented the whole show.
     Also encores were something really cool because of two great covers: "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane and "Riders on the Storm" by The Doors. Woow, just woow.
    Everything - Ania's music, her voice, place, people, atmosphere - was so perfect. You know it was of these concerts when you want more and more and when it ends you're sad and you are thinking about the next concert of this artist...
     Anyway, as you know me I could talk and talk about the show and time after the show, when you could to talk with Ania and with guys from the band but I know that it won't be the same. You have to be there, during all these sounds and people to understand about what I'm talking now and why this show was so damn good.
     I can tell you one thing, if you will be able to go to any her show, do it. Go and forget about the World and enjoy every sound of her music. Trust me, it is worthwhile.

Ok, it's time for a few pics from the show. Trust me, it wasn't so easy to choose them, but I chose the best of the best. Enjoy.



↕ my signed vinyl "Mój Big-Bit" by Ania [ "For Gosia with wishes of amazing moments and 'power'. "], Ritchie Palczewski [guitar]and Łukasz Jakubowicz [keys].


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