April 7, 2014

Vote for Adelphia.

Hey Girls & Boys,

Do you remember this great band, Adelphia? I'm sure that yes. If not [shame on you!] you can find some info about them here.
Ok, but I don't want to talk about them today, we will do is next time. Today you have to do something very important. What? Easy thing -  you just have to click and vote for Adelphia. Yes, with this one click you can do something really cool and help them.

Please, help these four nice guys to be a part of Red Bull Download Festival 2014.
Just go HERE, click “vote” to vote for them and show the rest of the World that they deserve to be there. Also share this link with your friends and/or with other people. Tell the World about this awesome band, who need your support.
They need you right now.

Show them some love and do it, vote right now.

Thank you.


 Lost At Sea


 More info about Adelphia you can find on their FB page, twitter, YouTube, tumblr.


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April 6, 2014

Book of the day : "Paranoia" by Joseph Finder.

Every story has own dark secrets...are you ready to square up to them this time?

     Today I would like to recommend you and say a few words about this so great book by Joseph Finder, "Paranoia". I'm pretty sure in the end, if you didn't read or hear about this book, you will want to read it. Immediately. Trust me.
Hand up who from you knows Joseph Finder or read any of his books.

 Joseph Finder is an American thriller writer. Two of his novels were already filmed: "High Crimes" [2002] and "Paranoia" [2013]. He is an author of, f.e.: "The Moscow Club" [1991], "The Zero Hour" [1996], "High Crimes" [1998], "Paranoia" [2004], "Killer Instinct" [2007], "Buried Secrets" [2011]. His newest novel, "Suspicion", will be release on May 27 2014.

You can find more info about him and his books on his: official page, offiacial FB, Twitter, Goodreads .

     Maybe some of you already heard "Paranoia" and/or Joseph Finder last year, because of movie based on the novel. An American thriller film with Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Liam Hemsworth and Amber Heard was released on August 16 2013.
     Probably you are thinking now why I chose this book after such a long time after the premiere of the film, when I should to write about this book earlier, and maybe you're right, maybe I should  to do it last year. But the reason is that I wanted to show you it when the whole crazy time with this film will pass, because only then I can show you the book, not the movie, because as we all know, the book is always more important than the film.
     Of course both, movie and book, are really good, but they're not the same. The book is better, much, much better. Trust me.
I think you should read the book at first, and then watch the film to see about what I'm talking now - differences.
     But today I won't to talk about the film but about the book. Sorry.

     Ok, at first I just have to tell you that if you didn't read anything by Joseph Finder, and/or if you like books like this one - thrillers, you will fall in love with the story in "Paranoia". To be honest, the same is with all novels by him...and I think that everyone who read any of his books will agree with me.

 ↑ cover of "Paranoia"

About what it is? 

     "Paranoia" is a corporate thriller, filled with tense action, intrigue, characters and action changing page after the page.

  What would you do if you would have to do something for company which you hate?
     The story is simple from the first sight, but then, everything is changing and our thoughts about the story too. During the whole book, we aren't sure who's executioner and who's victim, who's good and who's bad. And finally, how this book will end.
     The story of the book begins when Adam Cassidy, an employee at Wyatt Telecom and main character, is paying for a friend's retirement party from company's money. The next day gives him a choice - prison or work at Trion as a Wyatt Telecom's spy and find what a top-secret project AURORA is. Of course Adam agreed to work at Trion and became a part of game full of money, exclusive life, lies and secrets. 
    The problem is not only a false identity, but also relation with Mr Goddard, who treats Adam like a son and of course feelings between Adam and Emma, who works above AURORA. But the most considerable problem for Adam is to find what is a truth and what is a lie.

     Who will win in this game? What is that AURORA? What will be with Adam in the end? What with love between Adam and Emma?
   I won't tell you it, you have find it in the book. If you want to solve all imponderables, you just must read it, it's really worthwhile.
I can only tell you that the end of the book will surprise you, trust me.

 For who this book is?

   If you like thrillers, books with secrets and...surprises - this book is for you. You will just love it.

Why it is worthwhile to read it?

     Good question. As I said, if you like this kind of books, good thrillers, this book is for you. The story is so interesting that you're reading it quickly and you're pleased with every page, every next chapter. But the end of the book - damn, it's perfect. I thought something else about the end and I thought that it will be different, but Finder's end just surprised me. Surprised me very positively.
What else? Right - action of the book, dark secrets...yes, I can say the same as at the beginning: every story has own dark secrets...

    I hope that my small opinion shows you how good this book is, and who knows maybe you will want to buy or borrow it and read.

     Now I'm waiting for the next book by Joseph Finder, "Suspicion", but I'm sure it will be the next great novel. Also I think that I will come back to this book to read it again, "Paranoia", soon, very soon.

↑ cover of my copy of "Paranoia" - "Paranoja" [Polish edition].

April 5, 2014

Song of the day : "Ocean" by The Shiver.

     Ladies and Gents - make some noise for one and only, The Shiver.
     Today's song of the day will be really fresh and cool, the new song "Ocean" by great band, The Shiver. And you know what? I'm pretty sure you will love it.

The Shiver - an Italian band formed by Federica Faith Sciamanna (vocal), Francesco Finch Russo (drums), Vincenzo Lodolini (guitar) and finally Michele Colantuoni (bass guitar). They have three albums: "Inside" [2008], "A New Horizon" [2010] and "The Darkest Hour" [2014] and also one EP "Acoustic Experience #1" [2011] and one demo "Shade’s Changing".Their music is a mix of rock, dark rock, electro-goth and ambient. 
You can find more info about them here: official page, official FB, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation, VK , iTunes , MySpace, Soundcloud .

Also you can find more about them and about their music in my previous posts here.  


     I know, I already wrote about them and about their music, but this time I want to recommend you their new work and share with you some perfect sounds.

     Ta-da! Yes, finally we have some new things by The Shiver - new single, new music video and new album. And honestly this song, "Ocean", is really great...it's excellent! And to be honest, they surprised me, again. Really and very much.

     "Ocean" was released on March 31 2014 and this is the first single from their new album, "The Darkest Hour". This song is the best description of The Shiver, to be honest. We can find here an excellent mix of great lyrics and super music. And Federica's great voice...

     In my opinion, this song is just perfect. Ok, maybe the reason of my words is a long time when they gave us their new music or maybe because their music is always so damn good. Or maybe just because everything what they do it's epic. 
     As for me this song was and still is like a huge "booom!" and "woow" in one, something what makes that you want to listen to it non-stop and you want more and more. I think that's really good.

     Also the music video is just awesome. You can feel all these feelings which describing words "trust no one" or "no one is safe". That's amazing.

     I'm glad because of their new single, and of course because of their new album. I can tell you one thing - not only this song is so good on their new album. I think that all of them, 11 tracks, could be the next single(s). 

   Now, I'm waiting for more and I wish all the best to them and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for their future. 

    Ok, I think you should check it and, if you didn't know their music, fall in love with their music.
So, are you ready to rock?



 Hands up, who from you watched / listened it more than only once and/or who thinks that this mix (video + song) is epic? In my opinion they did it again - so damn good job.

If you like this song, show them some love and share this song with your friends and/or with other people. Tell the World about this awesome song and of course about The Shiver.


A few screens from "Ocean"...



music is my passion & inspiration
only music saves